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EA Games' swords and sorcery epic raises the bar!

19 Nov 2014

EA Games has swapped sports and Sims for swords and sandals with the new fantasy role-playing game from BioWare, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The continent of Thedas - an expanded version of the world from the previous games - has taken a turn for the worst. The religious order of The Chantry is in turmoil, the Templars and the Mages have turned on each other and a devastating rift into the afterlife realm, The Fade, has opened up killing thousands.

All across the land weaknesses in The Veil, the magical barrier which separates the world from The Fade, have caused smaller rifts to open, spewing forth demons and other nasties.

It’s a dark time indeed.

Fortunately the game’s main protagonist has the means to sort all out using a strange glowing mark obtained within The Fade during the game’s intro-come-character creation sequence.

After a brief prologue my newly minted female elven rogue finds herself promptly drafted into the newly formed Inquisition, charged with bringing peace and closing those Fade Rifts.

The Rift

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